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Liquid Isolator

Keep Food Fresh 5X Longer

The liquid isolator is perfect when using SealVax with food that contains liquid, or marinating.
By connecting the liquid isolator in between the device and the bag, it prevents all the liquid from spilling out.


  • 1 Liquid isolator
    Disclaimer: We recommend always using the liquid isolator included in the bundle, if there is any chance of liquid inside the bag. Our liquid isolator will protect the vacuum device and your phone from any potential water damage.
  • BPA-free


    Liquid Isolator: 2.3x2.3x1.6 inches, 0.01 pounds

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    •  Space saving vacuum device: Quick easy vacuum in 20 seconds. Food stored in our vacuum condition can last up to 5 times longer.

    •  Reusable vacuum food bags: Specifically designed vacuum bags for vacuum storage. Our bags are made with special food-grade TPU material. It is both eco-friendly and designed to last.

    •  Anti-bacterial layer: food-grade anti-bacterial material is added to the interior of the bag, further preventing any bacterial or fungi from spawning

    • Everything is food grade, BPA free, and meets FDA standards tested in a 3rd party lab.
    What is TPU
    • TPU stands for ‘Thermoplastic Polyurethane’. The material appears rubber-like, which means it is very elastic, flexible, and smooth to the touch, but at the same time, it is extremely durable and strong.

    • The TPU we use in our products offers high durability, food-safe and it's lab tested to be BPA free and also free of any known harmful chemicals. It also possesses excellent resistance to oils, greases, and solvents.

    • In addition, the TPU range also offers new possibilities for increased sustainability, by reducing carbon footprint without compromising on quality or performance. Our TPU in particular, in comparison to fossil-based TPUs, the carbon footprint can be reduced by more than 20 percent.

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