We are Sealvax…

A vacuum system quite unlike anything you've ever seen. We offer the best way to preserve your food with a product that is designed to be reusable and eco-friendly.

Our minimalist-designed vacuum device is so tiny it barely takes up any space. Vacuum seal your food with our BPA- free reusable bags instead of throwing them away. Say goodbye to plastic waste and join us in elinimating unnecessary waste by reusing and reducing.

The world is a beautiful place, yet far from perfect. We think food waste is a serious issue, we also believe there shouldn't be an island made of garbage in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. More importantly, we believe there is something we can all do, little by little to make the world a cleaner place 🌱.

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Responsibly Made

SealVax is manufactured in Taipei, Taiwan. Our manufacturer partner has over 20 years of experience and decicate to provide us with top quality products.