Happier You. Healthier Planet

More Taste, Less Waste!

Keep food fresh and nutritious for 5X longer with SealVax.Reduce food waste, cost, AND landfill for a healthier life and a happier planet.

Did you know that the USDA estimates that US food waste is as high as 30-40% of the food supply? That's a lot of landfill and a lot of money. The average family of 4 throws away more than $1500 in food each year!

SealVax Reusable Bags and VOYD Canisters keep food fresh for up to 5X longer. With just a quick 30-second vacuum, you preserve your fresh food so it's still delicious when you want to eat it. Fresh taste and nutrients, less waste in the bin, and less money down the drain. Win, Win, Win.

Say No to Single-Use Plastic

Replace multitudes of single-use bags with SealVax Reusable Bags and VOYD Canisters.

Single-use plastics take a LOT of resources to produce, and they only serve a customer for a few minutes. As much as 8,000,000 tons of plastic waste flow Into our waterways (United Nations Environment Program, UNEP)! This endangers marine life and breaks down into microplastics that end up back in our food! Why would we want to do that?

With thoughtfully chosen materials that are durable, food-grade, BPA-free, and PVC-free, SealVax will last a long time. Replace multitudes of single-use bags with just one!

Thoughtful Material Choices

Our material choices ensure fresh, safe food for you while reducing environmental impact.

ㆍ All materials in our products are safe and non-toxic food grade (even medical grade!) and comply with FDA standards.

ㆍ All materials in our products are BPA-free SeallVax Reuseable Bags, made of durable TPU, a medical grade clean material, strong enough to hold a vacuum repeatedly, and durable enough to last a long time.

With SealVax, there is no need for wasteful, single-use vacuum bags. Our VOYD Canisters and SEASON•SEAL Containers are made of clear glass for simple, clean long-term storage.

Happier You. Healthier Planet.

With conscious choices, we can make a positive impact on our life and our beautiful earth.
Working together, we can reduce both food waste and plastic waste.

The resulting benefits are numerous:

ㆍFresh food that lasts longer, saves taste and nutrients, and is ready to eat when you are ready to eat it- Eliminating single-use plastic because SealVax products are
designed to be used over and over again rather than being thrown out after one vacuum. Use. Wash. Repeat.

ㆍ Reducing the cost of both food and product over time.
Let's be part of the solution together.