Buying reusable saves money..?

The hidden cost of disposable bags

The disposable plastic bag is still a focus for most of the vacuum sealer brands on the market.

A pack of a 28 count vacuum sealer bag from Foodsaver is sold for $12- making the average cost per use $0.4. That's on top of what you already paid for the vacuum machine. One hundred uses will cost $40 just on the bags alone.

With SealVax, we provide a durable, reusable bag that could last for just as much usage with only a fraction of the price.

Saving food = saving money

A study done at the College of William and Mary reveals a shocking truth: the average American spends $1,300 a year on wasted food.

Vacuum packing will effectively increase the food's shelf life for up to 5X longer. Being able to store food longer means less food will be thrown away. Thinking of ways of saying money, why not start with your fridge?