We are on a mission to reduce waste by extending food freshness, simplifying meal preparation and eliminating single-use plastic from the kitchen.

Always Know What's on Hand

We are committed to advancing technology in the kitchen to help users monitor and track food storage, receive real-time alerts and data insights, and ensure the quality of stored food.

A vacuum system and device quite unlike anything you've ever seen. We offer the best way to preserve your food with a product that is designed to be reusable, eco-friendly and powerful yet compact.

The Question That Started It All

You recycle. You bring canvas totes to the grocery store. You drink water in a reusable bottle. So, why would you use one-time food storage bags?

SealVax Origin Story

The story behind SealVax can be traced back to our experience with “pump” technology. Several of our engineers and members of the R&D team used to work with an international sneaker powerhouse, developing their pump shoe line. Being already familiar with air pump technology and its applications, we realized we could take air out as well as we could pump air in.

 When we thought about this idea in terms of food, we realized there was an opportunity to improve the freshness of food and help reduce waste. We started developing our vacuum seal technology with the SealVax Reusable Bag. Since then, our product offering has expanded to a variety of container systems, all with a universal vacuum device and the same mission of increasing the length of time food stays fresh and reducing waste.

We hate throwing away food. Dont you?

It's bad for the environment, and it's bad for your wallet. A study done at the College of William and Mary estimates the average American spends $1300 a year on wasted food.
With SealVax, you can store ingredients that would otherwise quickly spoil. For example, ground beef can go bad in a refrigerator within 3 days. But with SealVax, it can last up to 10 days.

Responsibly Made

Sealvax is produced at our manufacturing partner, UTS, which is a Global Recycled Standard certified factory in Taiwan. UTS is not only a GRS factory, they are one of the first Bluesign factories, pioneering sustainable industry manufacturing.

Our materials are all carefully chosen. The TPU material we use to make our SealVax Reusable Bags is different from most plastic. It is non-toxic, and is BPA-free and PFAS-free. Our containers are made of glass. All of our materials are thoughtfully chosen to be non-toxic, non-leaching, non-tasting and with sustainable resources in mind.