Reusable saves

Say goodbye to single-use plastic bags (that leak and ruin your food with freezer burn). And toss that Tupperware (that you could never find a lid for anyway).

SealVax bags are your new lunch box, Tupperware, freezer bags, pantry storage, and cookware.

SealVax bags can multi-task something fierce. And, you can use them over and over. Our bags can handle temperatures from below freezing to sous-vide temperature. And, they’re tear and puncture-proof.

Durable: SealVax bags are made to last for years with proper care.

Our material

Our food -grade premium TPU material is food safeBPA-free, chemical free and meets 3rd party tested FDA standards. It is safe, sustainable, and made to last.

Clean with ease

To maximize the lifespan of our bags, we recommend hand wash.

Our bags are so easy to clean. Thanks to a small handle located on the base of the interior, you can easily reach in, pull the bag inside out, and give it a quick scrub. Even cleaning the hard-to-clean corners has not only been made possible, but quite easy to do!

Patented sealing design

Our bags can ACTUALLY hold the vacuum- for a minimum of 3 weeks under room temperature and up to a year when stored in freezer, thanks to our unique patent pending sealing design. 

The hidden cost of disposable bags

The disposable plastic bag is still a focus for most of the vacuum sealer brands on the market.

A pack of a 28 count vacuum sealer bag from Foodsaver is sold for $12- making the average cost per use $0.4. That's on top of what you already paid for the vacuum machine. One hundred uses will cost $40 just on the bags alone.

With SealVax, we provide a durable, reusable bag that could last for just as much usage with only 
a fraction of the price.