SealVax for SousVide

One frequently asked question by our viewers is “Is SealVax bag good for Sous vide?” In short, YES. After all, if you’re going to commit to getting yourself a sous vide cooker, then you obviously care about creating a premium culinary experience in your kitchen. Well great news is, SealVax is designed exactly for that type of user experiences.

Pro-level experience

Sous-Vide is French for “under vacuum.”, Thus, SealVax’s vacuum bags are the recommended method for cooking sous vide. 

Vacuum sealing creates a tight wrap around your food, resulting in more surface contact with the hot water and more precise cooking temperatures. SealVax creates the best Pro-Level Experience for sous-vide cooking.

Safe For SousVide

• SealVax Bag is certified & meets the FDA Standards for food grade safety.

• Has an air tight seal

• Can be Submerged in water up to 176 F

• 100% BPA free, and contains no fillers, byproducts, or pvc/latex.

Reuse & Reuse

SealVax bags are designed to be reused over and over again. By swithcing to SealVax, you will save up hundreds of sinlge use sousvide bags. That’s a win-win for your wallet and mother Earth! 

Easy cleaning is crucial for reusing sousvide bags. After every sous vide session, simply pull the “Inverse Pull-Tab” inside the bag. Flip the bag inside out and give it a good wash. The “Inverse Pull-Tab” gives user the convenience to tackle the hard to reach corners. 

It’s All About Saving

A pack of a 28 count single-use vacuum bags from Foodsaver is sold for $12- making the average cost per use $0.4. That's on top of what you already paid for the vacuum machine. One hundred uses will cost $40 just on the bags alone

With SealVax, we provide a durable, reusable bag that could last for just as much usage with only a fraction of the price.