Plastic Pollution

According to statistics produced by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), only 9% of globally produced plastic waste is recycled each year. Not only that, 8,000,000 tons of plastic waste flow into the ocean!

That's why it's important that we reduce our plastic waste. With SealVax bags and voyd canisters, we are reducing our plastic waste by reusing SealVax!

Food Waste

Did you know that the average US household wastes 31.9% of their food? If you were to think about this in terms of money, each household is wasting $31 out of every $100 spent on food!

With SealVax, not only do we protect against plastic waste, but we also work against food waste. Our bags and Voyd canisters help keep food fresh for up to 5X longer. That way your food tastes great when you do want to eat.

Sustainable Materials

Our bags are made from a sustainable TPU material. A true alternative to silicon or plastic, our bags create the least burden on the environment. When disposed of properly, our bags naturally degrade in 2-5 years.

Reusing is Reducing

By simply using SealVax bags and Voyd canisters, we are working together to reduce both plastic and food waste.

Because only together can we Reduce by Reusing!