4.22 Earth Day celebrates its 51st anniversary!!

Every choice you make in life can have a positive impact on the environment.

we will donate 10% of the purchase to a organization of your choice.

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Earth, the home where we live.

Every April 22 named Earth Day celebration is established for the world's environmental protection.

This date aims to remind people of environmental pollution and mobilizing people to participate in environmental protection actions. To make people aware of their personal responsibility to avoid continued environmental degradation.

The earliest Earth Day activity was the environmental movement that emerged on American campuses in the 1970s. It was initiated by Dennis Hayes, a Harvard Law student at that time, and a large-scale mass movement was launched on April 22, 1970. 20 million people walk to the streets to call on human beings to love the earth and stop destruction. This is the largest environmental protection event in the history of the United States. This movement catalyzed the United Nations to convene the first human environment conference. Environmental protection is included in the legislation of developed countries’ process.

Up to now, Earth Day activity has already become a world-wild celebration. Every year, there are 200 countries and more than one billion people participate in the event. It has become a festival and environmental protection publicity day for environmentalists around the world. On this day, people from different countries In different ways, jointly promote and practice the concept of environmental protection.

Three simple actions you can implement in your life

1. REDUCE food waste

Recommended non-profit environmental
organization: Waste No Food

According to the Food Waste Index report published by the UN Environment Program (UNEP) on March 4, 2021. Nearly 1 billion tons of food are wasted globally every year, and household food waste alone is as high as 74 kilograms per person per year.

One-third of this wasted food is thrown away without being eaten and cannot be delivered to people in countries or regions where food is persistently lacking.

Food waste increases carbon emissions by about 10% every year and contributes to the continued deterioration of the climate crisis. "Reducing food waste reduces the greenhouse effect and slows the rate at which land is overdeveloped and polluted," said the expert. Not wasting food would be the easiest action you can start to protect the planet.

Waste no Food is a non-profit environmental organization founded by Kiran Sridhar in Silicon Valley in 2011. Their mission is to “Find, protect and deliver food” Waste no Food is committed to appealing to and driving people not to waste food, and to collect it and distribute it to others who need it more.

to learn more about “Waste no Food”. Your donations of any amount are welcome.

2. Avoid worsening marine pollution

Recommended non-profit environmental
organization: Plastic Bank

The amount of plastic flowing into the sea is expected to increase from 11 million tons per year in 2016 to 29 million tons per year in 2040.

Any marine debris, including glass bottles, iron, and aluminum cans, plastic bottles, styrofoam, etc., is marine debris. However, the most difficult thing to solve is Microplastics. The harm caused by microplastics to the marine environment is very significant.

These rubbish or plastic particles ingested by marine living creatures may eventually return to your body due to human consumption of seafood, causing harm to your health. We can all make a difference by reducing the use of plastic products in our lives, and properly recycling the garbage.

Plastic Bank is a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to ocean pollution. Plastic Bank invites you to become ocean stewards and work together to stop plastic before it enters the ocean.

to learn more about "Avoiding Ocean Pollution". Your donations of any amount are welcome.

3. Reduce daily carbon emissions

Recommended non-profit environmental
organization: Carbonfund.org

The greenhouse effect causes global warming, contributes to climate change, and increases the frequency and intensity of extreme weather. Global warming will also greatly impact the ecological environment, causing biodiversity loss, land degradation, water shortages, food crisis, and other problems.How reduce the carbon emissions of human life is an urgent responsibility of everyone.

Carbonfund is an environmental organization dedicated to advocating that people should pay attention to reducing carbon emissions and avoiding the greenhouse effect to stop the continued deterioration of climate change.

to learn more about "Reducing Carbon Emissions". Your donation of any amount is welcome.

SealVax supports the earth's environmental protection efforts

Starting from the simple concept of environmentally friendly design, at SealVax, we are committed to developing vacuum fresh-keeping storage bags that replace plastics, and implement the practices of reuse and reduce with the highest regard for quality.

From our reusable design to the nature of our product aims to reduce food waste, to our dedication to only using high-quality, food-grade sustainable material for our bags. We feel the difference in simply offering a more sustainable alternative.

Features of SealVax


Unlike anything other vacuum sealers on the market, our bags are good quality, highly reusable, and are made to last. By simply reusing everyday objects we are actively reducing our personal waste. This is the principle we believe in and we are sure ALL of our products are and always will be reusable.

Sustainable material

SealVax is made of food-grade, premium TPU material. Aside from being toxin-free and perfect for sealing the air, our material is very Earth-friendly. Not only is our bags recyclable, when disposed of properly, over 95% of our bag will dissolve within just 5 years.

Reduce Food Waste and Carbon Emission

The very nature of the product is to extend food’s freshness, and when used correctly it can drastically reduce food waste in any household. Think of all the times we have to throw away precious food because we couldn’t cook them in time or forget about them in the fridge. Imagine if there’s a way to make them stay fresh for much, much longer!

SealVax responds and promotes the 51st Earth Day anniversary.

In honor of Earth Day. 10% of SealVax’s sale in this month will be donated to the environmental protection organization.