Easy to clean 


To make a truly reusable food bag, first, we make sure it can be properly cleaned.

Our bags can be flipped inside out - made possible by a pull tab located at the bottom of the bag. With this feature, cleaning the hard-to-clean corners has not only been made possible, but quite easy to do!



Our material


Our premium TPU, or Thermoplastic polyurethane, the material is BPA-free and meets 3rd party tested FDA standards. It is safe, sustainable, and made to last.

Its unique feature made it an ideal material for a vacuum bag. It doesn't easily let air and smell go through, alone with our patented sealing bar, our bags can actually keep food in a vacuumed state for a long period of time.




Patented sealing design


Our bags can ACTUALLY hold the vacuum- for a minimum of 3 weeks under room temperature and up to a year when stored in freezer, thanks to our unique sealing design. 

Our sealing bar is unlike any traditional sealing mechanism. It is a unique, innovative design specifically made to ensure our bags are able to hold the vacuum for an extended period of time.



Anti-bacterial layer


The very nature of vacuum will inhibit most fungi and bacteria from growing. To double down on food hygiene, we added a food-grade anti-bacterial material on the inside of the bag.